The U-HID is our most capable input/output HID (Human Interface Device) with 60 connections. Widest range of inputs: pushbuttons, momentary switches, toggle switches, joysticks, rotary encoders (spinners), 12-way or N-way rotary switches, trackballs, optical devices, pots, analog voltage sources, and more! Widest range of assigning: keystroke, gamepad button, gamepad analog axis, mouse axis or buttons, 5V output, quadrature mouse pair, LED controls, and more!

The U-HID Nano board gives you all the versatility of the U-HID board, but smaller form factor, with 8 inputs/outputs, and very economical. All inputs can be assigned as Analog, Keycodes, Gamepad buttons, Mouse buttons or quadrature (Trackball, spinner). Also can be assigned as outputs.

Similar to the U-HID board, this has 36 connections and adds Bluetooth connectivity. Available with Mini-USB "power-only" connector or CR2032 battery.


Harness with 32 push-on connectors. Ideal for wiring control grounds, LED power and ground. Can be cut to length. Note all our controls require the...

CSR Dongle. If used with Windows 7 or earlier, software will be needed which can be downloaded from downloaded from here . This software is also required...

Lithium Polymer battery for BlueHID BC. 1200Mah. Please Note: This can only be ordered with a BlueHID BC board as LiPo shipping rules state it has to...

8-connection harness, plus ground. Double ended, can be cut to form two wire-end harnesses. Length 900mm (35 in)

Harness for U-Trak Trackball and SpinTrak Spinner plus spare positions.

Additional wires with push-on connectors. Length 550 mm. Available with 4.8mm or 6.3mm connectors. (Select 4.8mm for use with our products).

Harness for 32 Switches. Length 350 mm. Available with 4.8mm, 6.3mm or combined 4.8/2.8.