48-Input, 96 output button/joystick/LED/trackball/spinner interface. Multi-mode emulates keyboard/mouse/LEDs, 2 joysticks/mouse/LEDs or 2 xinput controllers. Includes ALL wiring for 2 player controls. Includes LED power cable and USB cable. Please check "more info" link for additional harness requirements for non-RGB LEDs and 4 players.


PC interface for buttons and joysticks. Full Speed USB 2.0. 56 Inputs. Multi-mode emulates 56-key keyboard/mouse for 4 players, 4 joysticks/mouse or 4 Xinput controllers.

32-Input USB button/joystick/trackball/spinner interface. Multi-mode emulates keyboard/mouse, 2 joysticks/mouse or 2 xinput controllers. Includes USB cable. More information can be found here.

Older board for use when a PS/2 keyboard connection on the host is the only available (ie no USB available).