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This stick has one outstanding feature (literally!): A "switch" on the side which changes from 4 to 8 way. The ingenious design of the mechanism actually rotates an internal restrictor plate and also rotates the microswitch actuator for a perfect 4-8 way action.
Like the Mag-Stik Plus, this stick has a small travel compared to the J-Sticks, below.
Available in red, blue or black.

Mag-Stik Switch Connections: Special Installation Information
There are three different types of switches used on the Mag-Stik. They all have differing connections. To ensure you use the correct wiring, remove one switch by unscrewing the single fixing screw. On the other side of the switch the connections are marked in the form of a diagram as below:
T-Stik wiring
Mag-Stik Plus Dust Washer.
If your mounting method leaves the Mag-Stik Plus plastic dust washer resting directly on the joystick faceplate, the washer might become lodged under the chrome sleeve on the shaft if it is pulled fully outwards during the switch from 4 to 8 way. There are two possible quick fixes for this: Either bend the washer so that it is slightly convex, or position a thin piece of card, cut to roughly the size of the washer, under the washer, to hold it away from the faceplate.
Mag-Stik Dismantling.
If your mounting method required removal of the joystick knob, this is done by removing the entire shaft. The Nylock nut on the rear end of the shaft is removed first. On the Mag-Stik Plus note carefully the order of assembly of the parts, especially the location of the toothed lock-washer, under the U-bracket. Beware of the spring which is under pressure! In case you forgot how it fits together here is a diagram:

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