J-Stik Oval-Top

In stock

(Sanwa JLW-TM-8 type)

These two Japanese-style sticks are similar to the type used in most Japanese cabinets such as the Sega Naomi and other modern cabs. They have a light spring pressure for really fast movements. Our version has easy 4-8 way switching added.
The travel on these is longer (same as Happ super). Another nice feature is the long switch actuators which allow exact "tuning" of the switch sensitivity with careful use of long-nosed pliers. Operates in 8-way or true 4-way mode by rotating the restrictor. Our design comprises retaining springs which apply adjustable pressure to hold the restrictor plate in place.
Available in red only but note all the accessories for our Ultrastik 360 (Oval tops, restrictors, long handles) will fit these sticks. Note these are not the same as the standard Sanwa stick as ours have 4-8 way switching without the use of tools.

Handle Color:

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