UltraStik Restrictor Plate Kit

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Restrictor Plates (Rear Mounting)

Ultrastik 360 restrictors

Note that the rear-mounting restrictor plates are designed to be a one-off fit, not suitable for regular removal and refitting.

The U360F (Flight Stik) version is not designed for use with any restrictors as it is intended to be an analog stick.

We expect most people will find the UltraStik 360 to be perfect for all gaming applications including analog and any variation of digital. But we recognise that some people would prefer a different "feel" to the stick with a mechanical limit on it's movement. So there are three restrictor plates available. 4-8 Way restrictor: This can be fitted in either 4-way or 8-way mode and provides a mechanical limit for those people who prefer this. You can easily adjust from 4 to 8-wy by turning the plate 45 degrees.

Round Restrictor: For those who want to use the stick in full analog and digital programmable mode, but prefer a stick with limited mechanical movement, a round restrictor can be fitted.

Note that fitting the restrictors requires some dismantling so these are a semi-permanent fixture.

Octagonal Restrictor: This can be left in place and used in either 4 or 8-way mode with no need to move the plate between each mode. Octagonal restrictors are used on Sanwa joysticks and have a great following.

To fit either restrictor:

Remove the 4 screws holding the PCB to the joystick body.

Remove the 4 screws securing the support brackets to the body. (you will need a screwdriver which reaches through the holes in the top of the brackets)

Place the restrictor plate over the holes and secure using the silver-colored pillars. You can leave the 4-8 way restrictor free enough to be turned by hand if you wish. You might need to use one of the thumb-nuts to help turn the pillar.

Re-fit the PCB and secure with the four white thumb-nuts.

In the UltraMap software, go into "options" and tell the software which type of restrictor is fitted.

You can see that, using the test feature in UltraMap, the stick movement is still full-scale even though a restrictor is fitted.

Ultrastik With restrictor fitted:

4-8 way restrictor

4-8 Way and Circular

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