Joystick Accessories

Spare Black dust washer. Outside dia: 52mm. Hole dia: 10mm

Wiring kit containing everything you need to wire joysticks and buttons to an interface.

Pack of 100 crimp push-on "disconnect" connectors


Harness with 32 push-on connectors. Ideal for wiring control grounds, LED power and ground. Can be cut to length. Note all our controls require the...

ServoStik Control Board for the ServoStik joystick. One board controls servos on 2 Servostiks.

For Ball Top Servostik and J-Stik. NOT OVAL TOP.

Ball top RGB illuminated handle for J-Stik and ServoStik

Kit for upgrading J-Stik or Sanwa TM8/UM8 to Servostik. Also fits U360 with 4/8 restrictor kit fitted. Requires Servostik Control board per 2 joysticks.

UltraStick 360 Rotary Joystick Upgrade

UltraStik 360 / J-Stik / Servostik Extra Tops

Optional 10mm longer handle. Also fits J-Stik, ServoStik and Sanwa JLW-TM-8.

Optional return spring for harder joystick action than standard. This is a revised spring from Mar 2007

Optional Wiring Harness for connecting keyboard encoder (output mode) or 8 buttons (input mode)

Faceplate and Restrictor sectors plus extra-long handle and spring. Allows easy mounting and quick switch from mechanical 4, 8 way or analog restriction. Note this is suitable for ball-top handle only.

Restrictor Plates (Rear Mounting) Note that the rear-mounting restrictor plates are designed to be a one-off fit, not suitable for regular...

Joystick "Blind Hole" Mounting kits. No more coach-bolt heads spoiling your panel!


UltraStik 360 / J-Stik / Servostik Extra Tops

UltraStik 360 / J-Stik / Servostik Extra Tops

UltraStik 360 / J-Stik / Servostik Extra Tops