PSX AV to J-PAC/Speaker Adaptor

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Playstation 2/3 to JAMMA Adaptors

Includes a sync separator chip (inside the D-Plug housing)

This adaptor is also the correct type for use with multi-frequency

monitors which have a VGA plug (eg W-G D9500) These monitors should be

connected direct to this adaptor in all cases, even if you have a J-PAC

To connect an PS to a JAMMA cabinet you need the following items:
PS Controls Adaptor
PS AV to J-PAC/Speaker Adaptor
J-PAC with PS/2 keyboard cable option. see our main order page for this item.
IMPORTANT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION: When connecting this cable to the J-PAC you need to remove all of the frequency jumpers (ie 15, 25, 31) on the J-PAC, which allows all signals to pass through. Only later J-PAC boards have this facility. On older J-PAC boards you will need a replacement chip to enable this function. Please email for details.

Setup Steps

  • Install the J-PAC as described on the J-PAC installation page and remove the red jumpers. You will need a PC to connect it to, for setting up.
  • You will need to connect buttons 4-6 to the white screw terminals on the J-PAC as described. Its not practical to use the console adaptors with a cabinet with less than 6 buttons.
  • You will need to map your controls as required. To do this, decide which console control you want to assign to each physical button or joystick switch. Make a list of each and look at the table above to determine which keycode each button needs to be set to.
  • Using the keycodes from the table above, enter these into the WinIPAC program on the PC, to set up each J-PAC connection for the required keycode.
  • Note you can use shifted codes, where Start1 (by default) is pressed, and then each other butotn sends a secondary code. The shifted codes are useful for console controls such as "Back" which are not used diring gameplay.

The picture below shows a complete console to JAMMA setup.

x-box arcade