AimTrak Accessories

Bluetooth upgrade kit for Aimtrak. Please read More info link before ordering. Special introductory price. If scratch-build the harness will be...

Includes IR Tracking module, LED board, USB cables, USB Extension, Harness for trigger. Optional add-on kit available without LED Board


Kit including solenoid and replacement trigger PCB. Please read More info link before ordering.

CSR Dongle. If used with Windows 7 or earlier, software will be needed which can be downloaded from downloaded from here . Do not install software on...

Steel holster with fixing studs/nuts. Happ p/n 96-0676-00

LED Bar complete spare cased unit for AimTrak

This is the same cable as fitted to recoil-equipped boxed guns, with integrated power wires. USB A to 5-pin header. NOTE: Using this with a module kit will mean soldering to the module.

Can be used with standard or Bluetooth module versions.

This super IR bar is recommended in place of the standard one only for screens of 50 inches and larger, and also enables a further distance of gun...