Rotary Joystick Interface.

rotary joystick interface

This small board connects two rotary 12-position switch joysticks such as Happ Controls p/n 50-5618-00 to USB.

The board appears to the PC as a USB keyboard. The keycodes sent to the PC are fixed and are as follows:

Player 1 Left [
Player 1 Right ]
Player 2 Left \
Player 2 Right /

Just plug in, configure MAME with the keys above and go! No host software needed, no wiring, no configuration, no fuss. The Happ Controls rotary stick comes with an attached cable which simply plugs in. You may also want to go to the Input (General) settings in MAME and set the positional delay to zero and the positional sensitivity to 100% for best response.

rotary joystick