Value Edition

Own a genuine I-PAC Arcade Control Interface for only $35 with


Yes we have teamed up with DHLs Global Mail division to bring you this special offer for those on a limited budget.
The I-PAC VE has ALL the features of the classic I-PAC2 board with the following exceptions:
  • When a custom codeset is used, it is stored in RAM instead of EEPROM, meaning that storage needs refreshing after power-down (this does not apply if you always use the built-in default MAME code set of course, the settings revert to MAME on power-down)
  • USB connection only. Suitable for all Windows versions and Linux, Mac. (Not DOS). Your existing keyboard remains unaffected.
  • Total 32 inputs, all identical features as the I-PAC 2.


The I-PAC VE has all of the other special features of the I-PAC2 interface including: Fully compatible with the highly-acclaimed WinIPAC Interactive Panel Design software,Shift key function, Same high-performance 24 Mhz CPU, Self-test LED with full error-detection display. It even supports caps/num/scroll LEDs (hand-wired)

  • This free offer includes this product only. All of our other products are sent via DHL 3-day tracked delivery
  • Our documentation/driver CD is not shipped with this product. (No drivers are needed)
  • Please allow up to 21 days for delivery (most orders will arrive much quicker than this). If you need a board urgently, this is not the option for you!
  • No tracking number will be sent, this is untracked air mail
  • This offer is limited to the following countries only: North America, UK, Australia, NZ, All of Western Europe except France and Spain (mail too unreliable!).
  • If you wish to add to your order any of our quality range of joysticks, buttons, trackball and other items (we hope you do!) the complete order will be sent via DHL tracked service instead of air mail.

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WinIPAC Interactive Panel Designer Software
Layout your panel, then program your I-PAC to match.