I-PAC Firmware Upgrade

NOTE: Only boards which look similar to the pictured versions, below, are capable of being upgraded. The board must be connected to the PC via USB (not PS/2).

First, download and install the U-HID configuration program from here,  and you will also need the appropriate firmware (UFW) file.

You will also need the WinIPAC program.

The first step is to place the board into upgrade mode. There are two ways to do this:

"Soft" method:
In WinIPAC, select "tools, firmware upgrade"


"Hard" method:
Connect a wire from the pin shown in the pictures below to GND. You can just hold the wire onto the pin. On the trackball/spinner interface the pin is one of the corner pins on the chip and might need 2 people, one to hold the wire and one to connect the USB cable.
Power up the board by inserting USB cable.
The wire can now be removed.

The PC will detect a new USB device and ask for a driver

In the install folder for the U-Config program (above), you will find a file called UUpload.exe. Run this program.
Wait for the driver to install (unless you have run this before)

You can check correct detection by going to Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and opening the USB Controller entry at the bottom. You should see a "Firmware Upgrade Device".

Click on "upgrade firmware" and navigate to the location you have saved the UFW firmware file.

The firmware should download.

After download, the device will reset. You should see "Device not found" on the bottom line. The device should now be back in normal operating mode.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to upgrade an I-PAC, J-PAC or Mini-PAC with existing version lower than 21.
The version number can be found as follows:
Click "Start", "Control Panel", "System", "Hardware", "Device Manager" and right-click on the "HID Keyboard Device".
Click "Properties", "Details",  then in the drop-down select "Hardware IDs". The version follows "Rev" in the displayed string., for example "Rev_0026" is version 26.

For certain upgrades (including I-PAC ver 26) the device changes its configuration as seen by the PC. This can confuse Windows, so it is necessary to go to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, and find the device in the list (HID keyboard in the case of I-PAC) then right-click and "uninstall" the device. Then unplug and reconnect the USB connector so Windows re-enumerates the device.

J-PAC firmware upgrade
ipac 2 firmware upgrade
u-hid nano firmware upgrade
Trackball/Spinner Interfaces

Minipac firmware upgrade