arcade spinner
Precision Rotary Control with the most strikingly attractive Spinner Tops available anywhere!
Now the worlds first USB 2.0 Spinner!
arcade spinner
spinner knobs

arcade spinner
arcade spinner
SpinTrak with small fly-weight SpinTrak with large fly-weight

usb spinner
USB Version. Has 3 Mouse button connections .
Connection to Mini-PAC
The Mini-PAC wiring harness is supplied with an adaptor header. The connection from the harness to the SpinTrak should look like this:
spinner connection to minipac

Connection to Opti-PAC

For Opti-PAC connection, the 4-pin connector fitted to the device must be cut off and the wires stripped back. They are connected as follows:
Brown +5Volts
Yellow X1
Green X2
White GND

Connecting Mouse Buttons
Mouse buttons are connected to 3  pins on the header as shown in the picture below.
The COM connection of both switches should be connected to COM and the normally-open connection of each switch to the LEFT or RIGHT pin.
spinner buttons

spintrak dimension