rgb led pushbuttons

Classic Arcade Style LED Illuminated pushbuttons with
 RGB LED for full variable-color mixing!

RGB pushbuttons

  • Identical to conventional classic arcade buttons but with translucent body and top. Internal LED can be lit to any color.
  • Standard 28-30mm mounting hole
  • Specially designed internal diffuser sleeve for even color
  • Switches have 4.8 mm tags.
  • Pre-wired for PacLED64 and I-PAC Ultimate I/O controllers. Just plug in!
  • Available with 500mm or 250mm length integral wiring for LED
    NOTE: These do not have internal resistors and can only be used with current-controlled drivers such as our PacLED64 or I-PAC Ultimate I/O.
Illuminate to any color 
rgb led pushbutton rgb led pushbutton rgb led pushbutton

RGB Pushbutton

Lighting your pushbuttons

Full dimming control including RGB Color mixing
See our PacLED64 LED Controller for full details. Also will plug into the I-PAC Ultimate I/O